Purchasing UK Cabaret magazine

Purchasing UK Cabaret magazine

Annual subscriptions to our monthly UK Cabaret magazine in its printed form, including delivery costs £39 a year. 

UK Cabaret annual on-line flipbook costs just £32.00 a year,

Once you choose which subscription you require your annual payment will include a free listing for your act/business and a free one-off online advertisement of your choice. 

With the magazine subscription you receive a glossy, all colour, magazine delivered through the post every month.  As part of your subscription, we now also offer free access to our UK Cabaret jobs section, where you can post what you are looking for and agents and venues can seek specific types of acts.

Its free to view on our web-site and free to use for posts, provided you are a full paying magazine customer.

Please pay the subscription fee into bank account 12790968 sort code 11-07-99. The name on the account is B Goodwin. Or you can send a cheque payable to B. Goodwin for the subscription you choose to us at 14 Park Avenue Kirkthorpe Wakefield WF15TG. Then once your payment has been made, please e mail your postal address and we will do the rest.

 Readers may purchase a single issue of the monthly magazine at a total cost of £3.95, which includes P&P. Please send a cheque payable to B.Goodwin and post to 14 Park Avenue Kirkthorpe, Wakefield WF1 5TG. We will then post your copy on the same day as the cheque is received. 

We do not accept Paypal.

Selected content appears on-line on our web-site at but ALL review and feature content ALWAYS appears in our magazine.

Thanks for your enquiry.


Mark Ritchie

Managing editor UK Cabaret

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