October Gossip Hoover

IMG_1259-0.jpgOctober Gossip Hoover

The UK Cabaret gatherer of hot-gossip has been out and about again picking up pearls of sheer show business tittle-tattle.

We begin in the picturesque east Lancashire hills, where everyone’s favourite Welly Boot wearer, Irish comedian Jimmy Cricket lives down on the farm. Jimmy’s son used to work on stage as a comedian, going by the name of Frankie Doodle, before taking holy orders and he is now Father Frank. His proud Dad Jimmy, who is now technically the father of the aforementioned Father, has received news of a papal Knighthood from the People’s Pope in the Vatican. The honour was bestowed in recognition of Jimmy’s work for charity. So father Frank is now presumably proud of his own Father, after his award from the Holy Father.

From Barnsley in South Yorkshire now and all the way to Bulgaria, where gorgeous singer and UK Cabaret subscriber Savannah Rai has made a second home for herself by The Black Sea due to her increasingly frequent visits. Savannah spotted some vacationing Brit musicians playing in the resort of Sunny beach. Hearing the Geordie accents, the lovely Savannah sidled up and asked the lads who they were. They turned out to be none other than top North-East band Here’s Johnny, who were on their summer jollies.

To Liverpool now, where Ricky Tomlinson is enjoying great success at his Green Room cabaret night spot. Recent splendid charity work at the venue really should reinforce the growing reputation of this venue, which promises a right Royal (Jim Royle) night out for Merseyside cabaret fans.

From Ricky Tomlinson, we now move to Sheffield, where agent and born again musician Neil Tomlinson is apparently enjoying his outings in his new band Doc Martin and the Ill-Fitting Suits. Before becoming an agent and indeed an esteemed councillor of the agents association, Tomlinson was a member of two of the best live covers band in the North. It seems that getting out of the office and onto the stage is clearly doing the affable Neil the world of good.

The Gossip Hoover is hearing repeatedly that young Yorkshire lad Lewis Wheelhouse, son of Yorkshire agent Ashley Wheelhouse, is winning many plaudits as a young film-maker. Lewis’s grandma is none other than UK Cabaret subscriber and Equity stalwart Valerie Mann. With so much show business around him, surely it is inevitable that a career producing show-reels could be beckoning to young Lewis.

Down to Fulham in London now, where agent and UK Cabaret subscriber Peter Chittenden is a kingpin at Live Business agency. Chitter-Chattering with Chittenden, bookers from UK Cabaret     subscribers Actz agency in Essex, pointed out Chittenden’s slim and svelte figure recently. The man himself was heard to respond that a combination of busy times at Live Business and three small children are keeping Mr &Mrs Chittenden insanely busy, hence the absence of any discernable sticky-out tummy.

Finally to the Essex coast, where UK Cabaret managing editor Mark Ritchie spotted dapper Essex agent Anthony Docherty engaged in a little talent-spotting at the recent splendid Curtains Up showcase at Genting Casino. Our esteemed editor was axed by The Stage last year, hence the very existence of this publication. Mr Ritchie’s axing led Mr Docherty to reveal within a Facebook thread his true feelings about some of his past reviews. Ever the pro, our Mark was quick to shake Mr Docherty’s hand, ensuring that an entente cordial still exists between the two men, when away from the deadly Facebook!

The Gossip Hoover returns next week with more tasty morsels of the meaningless.


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