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Mark Ritchie writes: Next month sees the publication of my third book as an author. Desert Hearts Publishing are helping me spread the word about the book, which is titled 100 Heroes of Comedy and Me. In a shameful act of free publicity, I thought I may try to save myself from penury by giving the book a plug here within the pages of UK Cabaret. There have to be some perks in running a show business magazine!

During the Covid lockdown and apparently with nothing else to do, I sat down and committed the ultimate act of selfishness, by writing my autobiography. Right Place Wrong Time, sold so well that we had to go in for three further re-prints. I was astonished at the interest in my life and I received a lot of great feedback from those people, who were kind enough to make a purchase. Regarding reviews, I have no idea what critics made of my efforts as, unless I know and respect the reviewer, I never actually read them. I am informed there were a few harmless trolls ( not everyone likes me very much and this was probably their lame attempt at ‘revenge’ for something or other). Hey-Ho!
My second book, The Clubland Empire was all about the rise and fall of the great British working men’s club movement and that attracted considerable attention too.
My third book is titled 100 Heroes of UK Comedy…and me. I pick out 100 comedians who I have either worked with, known personally or have some hopefully interesting story to tell about them all. I am not claiming to be friends with all of them. Their main common denominator at that, at one time or another, they all made me laugh.
The contents of the new book will try to explain their process and the effects some of them had on me when my own show business journey began all those years ago. I also try to feel their pleasure and their pain which we all undergo whilst on a stage trying to entertain people.
Some of the 100 are today’s household comedy names, others are no sadly no longer with us and some are unsung heroes of comedy. I am not looking for approval or disapproval. I am just trying to interest readers with my stories from comedy and show business in general.
Pathetically I ask as many of you as possible to spend £14.99 including P&P and help me keep the financial wolf from the door. After all I am just a fat old comic, who sings a bit, publishing a monthly magazine which, despite its annual subscription fee being a legitimate business expense, some people are still not supporting. The magazine publishing business is tough. For book publishing, the struggle to persuade some folk to part with a few quid really is even tougher!

Published by Desert Hearts Publishing or available to order in any bricks and mortar books shop. Mark Ritchie books can also be ordered from Amazon Books. Signed copies are available to pre-order direct from the author, by e mailing

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