Mark my words March

Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie

In our fabulous March edition we feature a complete showcase review from the Mainstream Management showcase, which I attended in Coventry. Agents who subscribe to UK Cabaret magazine can request a showcase review, if they happen to be staging one of course. We will do our best to make sure a suitable reviewer manages to attend. It was nice to spend time with agent Barry Herbert and take a look at his impressive roster of talent.

In this issue I am pleased to announce that UK Cabaret has a new
publisher. This individual has taken over from me as publisher, although
I shall continue in my role as managing editor. The publisher wishes to
remain in the background on this venture and I am more than happy to have this person on board.

On the business front, the £25 annual subscriptions continue to trickle in, but we need many more people to support this publication if we are to survive long term. Publishing is a tough world, but we are receiving great feedback on the recent design improvements in our magazine, as well as our superb web-site. John Stokes and Martin Brown respectively deserve all the credit.

We have taken the decision to withdraw the free agents directory with immediate effect. The reasons are that firstly no viable business can continue to offer free services forever and secondly the people who do support us deserve the opportunities to market themselves to our many targeted on-line readers. The only agents you will see listed in the new look directory from here forwards are those who actually subscribe to this publication.

Any UK Cabaret print subscriber can take full advantage of our web-site absolutely free. All they have to do is send us what they would like to see about their business on our site. I feel that by intertwining the printed and magazine versions of this publication we stand a fighting chance of actually making UK Cabaret into a viable long-term business.

Reviews are very widely read and individual or show reviews will appear on-line as soon as the monthly print date comes around. However, the only way you can read about a trade showcase event in full at the time of coverage is by taking out an annual subscription.

The message is clear, this publication must pay its way. Those who promised to get behind us at the beginning of this publishing adventure last June must show their support. So, if you want a national subscription publication, which can grow and cover our section of the entertainment industry, you must support us as we strive to support you.

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