Les Foutoukours -Brotipo
Piccolo Theatre- Assembly George Square Edinburgh
Edinburgh Fringe 2023
Reviewer: Mark Ritchie
A Five-Star Review *****
Here is a show for all the family, which is fast moving and fun. Enter two circus style acrobats wearing extravagantly produced costumes and resplendent and shining in the glow which seems to engulf high-energy and expert performers such as these.
The clowning is sumptuously leapt upon by two performers who most probably know their business inside out.
Steeped in the creed of Circus, these Canadian visitors bring us a non-stop flying machine of circus skills. As ever these days all shows which are deliberately intended to be marketed for families and children must contain an underlying message. Here this show tries to focus on the true meaning and value of friendship and the importance of teamwork in life.
Acting and dovetailing their acrobatic skills with perfect precision, this is a performance which works with clockwork precision.
Is this a show for everyone? Perhaps.
There is much to enjoy for this who just want to watch and enjoy. There is also a strong interactive element too, which can never be a bad thing!

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