Gossip Hoover august 2015

Gossip Hoover
  We started this feature just a month ago and it is very popular!

So, what’s going on in the world of live UK light entertainment and what bits of trivia and tittle-tattle do you have from you concerning UK Cabaret subscribers, readers and others.

UK Cabaret reviewer Keith Christie travelled to Leeds to see The Divine Bette Midler in concert. Keith was well tickled with one of the more acerbic lines from The Divine Miss M. Ms Midler quipped: ‘ My husband and I have been married for 28 years and he’s German. Every night I dress up as Poland and let him invade me’. Great fun!

Onto South Yorkshire with South African born couple Craig and Audrey Parsons live with their young son Keegan. The act is known as Scandal and young Keegan, aged just 8, has become part of the act with his singing and dancing skills. Young Keegan is apparently getting more applause then his illustrious and glamorous parents.

Over to Blackpool now where UK Cabaret subscriber and successful agent Mal Ford broadcasts his Sunday singalong spots on social networking sites. Mal also tickles the ivories as a hobby at the seafront Tiffany’s Hotel in Blackpool, with thousands of Facebookers look in and join in with his online sing-songs.

Back over the Pennines now where former chart star Ricky Graham wed his long term partner Irene last month in their native Yorkshire. Ricky was part of seventies chart band Child and his solo singing career has blossomed since he and Irene became in item. Isn’t love marvellous?

Over to the Yorkshire coast now, where talent show Johnnie come West-end Wendy Gareth Gates was spotted performing in cabaret at the giant Primrose Valley holiday centre. After a successful spell in the West end as Marius in Les Miserable, Gates is now apparently earning serious money as a marquee cabaret booking star for the caravan manufacturers at Bourne Leisure, whose extremely youthful entertainment staff were buzzing around the star as he strutted his stuff.

Down to Devon now where Head of Entertainment at Parkdean Holidays Martin Berger recently left the parks behind to holiday in sunny Mexico. The youthful Berger will certainly return refreshed and feeling even more youthful after Mr & Mrs Berger took a tour around the ancient ruins of the Inca’s

Along the South coast now to lovely Wimborne in Dorset, where boating enthusiast, agent and show producer Ron Martin’s dance teacher wife Nina suffered a dental calamity. A broken tooth in the middle of rehearsals for the Martin’s latest show business extravaganza was the last thing the industrious Nina needed. Hopefully hubby will be treating his glamorous other half to a nice dinner at The Royal Yacht Club in the exclusive Poole harbour area, where Ron is a member.

There will be more titbits of tittle-tattle from The Gossip Hoover in next month’s UK Cabaret.

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