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HooverAugust Gossip Hoover.

Once again our mystery writer trawls the world of show business for gossip and tittle-tattle. Here’s what the Gossip Hoover discovered.

To Winchester firstly, where comedy performer Tim Ames is looking forward to performing in his very first pantomime. Tim has seen success in the highly unusual comedy act Tim & Tony Strange in recent times, but Tim’s forthcoming outing in panto-land will be quite a diversion as he heads to sunny Leatherhead to put his make-up on. O yes he will!

To Yorkshire now where singer Lisa Press, who is part of the crossover light opera act La Musica, has been looking back at the saucy publicity material from her days in an all-girly cat called Caution. All three girls appeared in their birthday suits in the photographs. Their modesty only protected by strategically placed tape, bearing the logo CAUTION. Now that will be something to show to her Grand-children in the years to come!

A naughty whisper now, regarding an agent, not a UK Cabaret subscriber, who may just have been watching too many Martin Scorsese gangster films. The Gossip Hoover hears that our plastic gangster is fine and dandy while things are going his way, but apparently borrows vocabulary from the Mafia film Goodfellas, when things don’t go his way. Interestingly most of the not too well disguised threats seem to take place on the phone, with our hero becoming rather more reticent when engaged in face to face encounters. Bullied at school perhaps?

Back at the UK Cabaret office now, where a lovely parcel contained a DVD and a CD dropped through the letter box recently. Blackpool agent and performer Mal Ford had sent along his own charity album and DVD, which was immediately purloined by our esteemed managing editor Mark Ritchie and has been played almost constantly since. Mal’s singalongs at the keyboard and of course his ruggedly handsome looks are sure to make the album a big seller, as our hero raises much-needed funds for a Parkinson’s disease related charity.

Yorkshire based Adele tribute artiste Natalie Anne Black seems to be planning a wedding and honeymoon is a certain town in Nevada. Natalie will be Vegas bound soon as she ties the knot with her other half Jamie and this is sure to be some party!

To Lincolnshire now, where well-known agent Steve Martin has been getting acquainted with the creatures from TV land, as the Britain’s Got Talent circus is set to roll into Skegvegas. Hopefully the event goes well for the affable Steve, but those putting themselves at the mercy of the Cowell machine should take heed. Fame is just a million to one shot away, after the Cowell crew do their worst at the final edit stage.

To Kent now, where highly respected agent Alan Pope has not been in the best of health recently. Alan is a particular friend of our intrepid managing editor Mark Ritchie, who is sure that Alan will be back and firing on all cylinders again soon.

And finally for this week, UK Cabaret’s first ever subscribers Dean and Jane Hubert, of the pop nostalgia act Walkin’ Back to Happiness, have recently celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary. Perhaps with the Olympics being so fresh in our minds right now, we should award this golden couple with a Bronze medal. After all, 24 years is just one away from a silver wedding!

More next month from the mystery hunter of gossip and meaningless morsels of throwaway stuff and nonsense.


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