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Once again we present more meaningless morsels of show business tittle-tattle, for the consumption of those who enjoy trivial stuff and nonsense in the lives of UK Cabaret subscribers.

Firstly we head to the Bolton area of Lancashire where the lovely Jean Pasquill was thrilled to bits to be invited to the Republic of Ireland, where the wonderful Doris Day’s birthday party was being held. Ms Pasquill performs a tribute to the star of yesteryear. Some artistes get all the best gigs…O well, Que Sera Sera.

Across the Pennines to Yorkshire now, where John and Karen Mycroft of the duo ZTV have been trawling stage wear companies and the wardrobes of friends in search of the fashions from the swinging 60’s. The couple are about to launch their new genre tribute act 60’s and 70’s Explosion. The gossip Hoover hears that John is even growing a seventies style porn star moustache. Hopefully the new facial hair will tickle Karen’s fancy.

Tribute singer Tristan Drew has scooped a well-deserved award for his prolific charity fund-raising. There are quite a few good guys out there and young Tristan has proved that he is definitely one of them.

To the Midlands now, where that diminutive and aptly-named show-biz nut Little Sam Lyons missed The Entertainer publication annual awards, due to a chest infection. The award was richly deserved, so I hope that Little Sam gets her little hands on her gong nonetheless.

To glorious Devon now, where holiday centre supremo/producer Martin Berger and Mrs Berger are leaping on their bikes in a joint quest, where the goal is super-fitness. The Gossip Hoover hopes the four Berger family buttocks don’t become too battered, as the couple’s pedal-power necessitates the acquisition of a pair of high-quality cushions.

To the Lancashire hills now, where MBM head-honcho’s Phil and Anne Barrett have brought in a big cheese, in the youthful shape of Dean Edwards. The suave Mr Edwards is to serve MBM as UK and international talent executive. Now that is a job-title and a half!

Over the recent Easter period, some snaps have emerged of that lovely couple Nicola Loyden and Neil Cullen out and about at Chester zoo. These Merseyside based agents, from the Garston entertainments agency will by now be back in their offices again, dealing with the many and varied species who inhabit the show business animal kingdom.

As was widely reported last month, Dame Vera Lynn turned 99 recently. I wonder if there are any tributes to out there?

Finally for this month, our intrepid managing editor Mark Ritchie has been out lately to the holiday Island of Tenerife, for what he describes as a working holiday. I’m sure his wife Beverley has been in the sun, whilst Mark takes advantage of the 1 Euro a pint beer whilst eyeing up the beach belles. Some people have all the luck!

In next month’s UK Cabaret we will have more very hot and not even lukewarm gossip for the consumption of our growing band of devotees.


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