Fleetwood Bac – Otford Village Memorial Hall 4/4/15 by Trevor Davies

Fleetwood Bac – Otford Village Memorial Hall 4/4/15



 Expectations were high as Fleetwood Bac finally entered the stage at Otford Village Memorial Hall.  They had been asked to perform here a while ago, but were fully booked. 


Fleetwood Bac showcase the most famous lineup: Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie, John McVie, and Stevie Nicks.


As soon as the first bar of music hit, we were left in no doubt that

this band are professional, starting the set with the uplifting melody  “You Make Loving Fun”. The audience greeted the performance with cheers and applause, we knew we were in for a good night.


A mesmerising performance of “Dreams” swiftly followed, with amazing vocals, as close as you can get to the real deal. Little wonder they are endorsed by Mick Fleetwood himself.


Beautiful vocals matched by faultless musicianship were enhanced visually with attention to detail, including the famous pair of balls which can be seen dangling from Fleetwood’s belt on the Rumours front cover. Nicks’ scarf draped mic stand, with dark rose and chain all added up to an accurate portrayal of the real band.


Throughout the show the characterisation was spot on, with Mick

Fleetwood pulling some hilarious facial expressions, talking

away to his fellow band members and sometimes himself, whilst playing drums to an incredible standard. Lindsay was full of jokes, keeping them topical, particularly with reference to Jeremy Clarkson and “The Chain”. The band certainly seemed to be enjoying the show too.


Fans of early Fleetwood Mac will be happy that the blues era is covered in their repertoire with some exquisite bass and lead guitar playing. Nicks solo career is also given the nod in “Edge of 17”, previously eluded too with an edge of Sevenoaks joke.


Highlights of the evening included a beautiful rendition of “Songbird” expertly played, hauntingly sung, a sultry, atmospheric “Gypsy” and the aural pleasure of “Big Love”. Another hit with the audience was “Don’t Stop” where a very enthusiastic chap whistled, whooped and danced his way through, much to many peoples amusement, including the band.


A great venue, good clear sound and a warm welcome all added up to a great evening’s entertainment. I have heard that they have been asked back. I hope it is not a rumour.


Trevor Davies

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