Edinburgh festival and fringe

  Mark Ritchie takes a look at the cabaret and comedy on offer at this year’s Edinburgh festival and fringe, where the bright young things who run television these days find their talent.


Whether so-called mainstream club and holiday centre light entertainment performers like it or not, the Edinburgh festival and its much celebrated fringe is the place to be, if comedy entertainers want to get themselves on the small screen. A successful Edinburgh fringe appearance can result in the odd spot or two in the comedy panel show telly show, which can itself lead to stardom. Bespoke television vehicles are often designed around the most successful performers who pop up on the often makeshift Edinburgh stages. The month long event provides the opportunity for comedy performers to make the right kind of impression with television decision makers, most of whom come from the same University backgrounds.

So who is hot and who is new in Edinburgh 2015, along with the venues they are appearing

Top five HOTTIES

1 Al Murray- The Pub Landlord – Assembly Gardens

2 Daniel Kitson- Summer Hall

3 Stewart Lee –Assembly Rooms

4 Johnny Vegas- Gilded Balloon

5 Katherine Ryan- Assembly Hall



1 Mawaan Rizwan- Pleasance Courtyard

2 Julian Deane- The Tron

3 Corey White- Assembly Hall

4 Sarah Callaghan- Pleasance Courtyard

5 Phil Jerrod- Pleasance Courtyard

Most performances continue until August 30th. The Liver damage for many will last a lifetime!




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