December Gossip Gatherer

December Gossip Gatherer

As Christmas loom’s ever closer, we discover what some of our subscribers in up to in terms of tittle-tattle and idle gossip

To Blackpool first, where the host with the most at the splendid Viva venue Leye D Johns is cock-a-hoop, after receiving a business award from a panel of leading of regional business bods. This diminutive pocket-dynamo entertainer is also looking remarkably slim these days. What can be his secret? Perhaps it could be love that is in the air.

To Hertfordshire now, where UK Cabaret’s very own Johnny Tait is suffering from a bout of gout. Johnny’s foot is swelling up painfully, but perhaps his wallet is too. They say gout is a rich man’s ailment, so perhaps Johnny should off-load some of his wealth, in order to alleviate the problem.

Across the Pennines to Yorkshire now, where Clubland comedy and music star Johnnie Martell is also presenting a tribute to Neil Diamond. Mr Martell’s waistline has expanded hugely in recent years, so does not claim lookalike status. Instead Mr Martell informs his audience that Neil Diamond has ‘really let himself go’. Now that is clever thinking!

To the Portsmouth area where agent Keith Hall hasn’t been too well lately. Happily, Keith is on the mend now, as he revealed on social networking recently where he was out on the town and looking sharp in a tuxedo-style dinner jacket. According to one admirer, Keith should be up for the role of the next James Bond.

To the West Country now, where popular comedian Stewart Masters is in a pickle regarding a hike in his car insurance. Keith is having a real moan about the increase, but friends are advising him to take a look at a certain insurance company with a nautical name.

To North Shields now, where the gorgeous Lorraine Crosby was looking yummy in a sexy red dress, during a recent gig in the North-East. Lorraine has been trying to persuade fellow singing star Janie McKenzie to join us here at UK Cabaret, by taking out a subscription. Perhaps the singer, who famously duetted with superstar Meatloaf, during the hit song I Would Do Anything for Love, should be benefitting financially from a new range of underwear, from a lingerie supplier. The company are selling Meatloaf Knickers. Apparently, the garment is emblazoned with the slogan ‘I Would Do Anything for Love on the front. However, on the backside in smaller lettering, is more lettering, which reads ‘But I won’t do that!

We are back in the new year with more gossip and harmless chit-chat. The Gossip Gatherer will be keeping a watchful eye on our subscribers over Christmas. Who is our mystery writer? We’re not telling you!



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