Curtains up Showcase session five – by Johnny Tait

curtains-upCurtain up Showcase

Wednesday Evening

The evening’s session was opened by Sidekick Band. Why were they not onstage ready to start when introduced? The compere introduced them then it took them a few minutes before they were ready to play. They advertised themselves as “Wedding band” Personally I feel they have a limited appeal, I can visualise them playing student union bars.

Neil Diamond tribute act Almost Diamond opened up with ‘I’m a Believer’ that was a major hit for the Monkeys. Moving on to the old classics ‘Beautiful Noise’ and ‘Hello Again’ a real enjoyable performance given by Steve Convey.

i-Trend a male vocal act consisted of four very likeable lads with their tribute to boy bands , their vocals were spot on and the choreography made the act visually appealing, despite the modern day approach to dressing down rather than dressing up.

Performing to live backing from the resident house band was The Dolly Parton Country Show presented by Carrie-Anne. Who played attention to the finest detail with the costume she wore. Carrie-Anne sounded like Dolly Parton when she spoke as well as when she sang. A first class professional performance.

It is always good to see vocalists using live backing and Sammy Lomax also used the house band in her tribute to Dusty Springfield. She looked stunning as she stepped onto the stage opening with the old classic ‘You don’t have to say you love me.’ An amazing performance from Sammy, if you are looking for a Dusty Springfield tribute act? You have the perfect girl.

Singing a Medley of soul classics came Elias Hendricks, he was well presented with a sparkling personality that instantly had the audience warming to him. He finished his spot by joining the backing band as he played the piano serenading us with a ballad. I predict a full diary for Elias in 2016.

The Sound Sisters were well turned out in their matching sequined dresses. I would like to have seen them come onto the stage to music instead of walking on to silence then waiting for the sound to start. They performed both to backing tracks and with the live band.

Do you know the feeling you get when an act bounces onto the stage and you immediately think I am going to enjoy this? I thought that then Troubadour a four part male vocal act came on. They were well presented in matching suits and ties. Their vocals were exceptional and their personalities shone through. They finished with a very well delivered medley of Queen numbers.

A song I seem to hear everywhere I go is ‘Happy’ and Reggie Manners looked extremely happy as he opened up with his tribute act Is This Guy Pharrell? He was joined by two glamorous backing dancers that added a sparkle to the performance.

To round off The Curtain Up showcase came Forbidden Nights a six piece male dance troupe, that stripped to waist showing off their well-toned torso’s.

Glen Pacey from Waldergrave holiday park said his two favourite acts of the session were “Elias Hendricks” and “Forbidden Nights”

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