Castleford Star Search Grand Final 2016

Castleford Star Search Grand Final 2016

Glasshoughton club, Castleford. Yorkshire

Producer Steve Paige

November 8th 2016

Reviewer; Mark Ritchie

The affable and ultra-efficient Steve Paige is a subscriber to this publication and one of our most staunch and steadfast supporters. All the more reason then for us to include this review, which unearthed some smashing new talent in this social club venue.

A panel of eight judges and a large and enthusiastic audience were greeted by Compere Harry Turnstyle, who chose some well-turned songs and provided the glue for the evening.

First act on stage was singer and guitarist Sam Hoyle. This young man is just 18 and a real natural entertainer. The camp-ness was as funny as it was winsome and the vocal ability is considerable.

Next up was singer Amy Davidson who, for reasons best known to herself, wants to be known simply as ‘Amy’. This ravishingly beautiful young woman has a smile which would light the national grid and considerable vocal ability. The impression given was of a performer who doesn’t take herself terribly seriously. Whoever told her the extraordinary garment she was wearing looked good on her, was sadly doing Amy no favours!

Taking us up to the interval was two-girl singing duo Bellissimo, who had worked hard on harmonies, but the vocals were pretty full-throttle. The matching outfits looked grand, but the tattoos didn’t help their presentational pitch.

I cannot recall the character of Eponine, from Les Miserable dressing in a gabardine mac and flat cap, but singer Hayley Rose gave a belting effort at On My Own dressed in this fashion. Miss Rose operates very well in the narrow Clubland furrow she ploughs. However, the top end vibrato and the breathy chest voice detracted somewhat.

Krystian is, in my view, a top-drawer comedy ideas man, with a great voice and an extremely natural, zany and offbeat delivery. This Hull based performer delivered a succession of sight-gags, in between the music and his appearance was a real delight.

Closing the show out was singer David Luke. This bespectacled performer looked like a funky bank manager, in his smart and dapper three-piece suit. The owner of an extremely well-pitched voice, I could have listened to Mr Luke all night long.

Whilst judging deliberation was taking place, the audience were entertained by Yorkshire Clubland star Paul Stewart and one of this year’s X-Factor near misses, female singing star Sam Atkinson, who has all the vocal ability in the world, but probably needs a bigger sob-story to negotiate her way through Cowell talent minefield.

In the event, the winner of the £1000 first prize was Kristian, who was way out in the lead on my voting card and, in my view, a deserved winner.

All in all, a first-class night out in Northern Clubland with plenty to enjoy, even for those who missed out on the biggest prize, with lessons learned for some I’m sure.

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