Abbamania UK tour 2015 – by Trevor Davies

IMG_1399-0Abbamania – Uk Tour 2015

The Orchard, Dartford 2/10/15

Judging from tonight’s audience it was apparent that the wonder of Abba appeals to all ages. 1970s costumes were spotted amongst the crowd which added to the party atmosphere.

We were greeted with Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn and Anni – Frid in addition a bassist, drummer and two female backing vocalists.

All superb in their chosen craft.

With no delay the stage was alight and we were led straight into to “Mama Mia”, an instant hit with the punters who clapped and waved and sang along.

Something I noticed throughout the show was a heavy pulse accentuating the beat on the slower songs such as “Chiquitita” and “I Have a Dream”, giving a pleasing modern punch.

Highlights of the first half included a fantastic piece of bass on “One of Us”, which also had some very nifty organ playing and the pure funk of the guitar on “Knowing Me, Knowing You” was a knockout.

After a short break, the combo of “Fernando” and “Dancing Queen” really brought us back to planet Abba, by the time “SOS” was played the venue was truly rocking.

The only disappointment of the night was a very odd decision to shift gear and play a non Abba track whilst the girls had a costume change. The band obviously enjoyed themselves but it detracted from the rest of the show and although it showcased great musicianship it simply did not fit. With a wealth of Abba songs available, one can’t help but think it was a mistake, the show lost energy and momentum as a result. The feeling was similar to receiving a bill after being given a pay rise.

Speaking of pay rise, ”Money, Money, Money” elevated the audience to sing along and attempt to catch the flying cash and we were soon back on track. “Voulez Vouz”, Super Trouper” and some beautiful harmonies on The Winner Takes it All” brought the show towards the finale and Abbamania did not disappoint.

Touring the UK until December I would grab the opportunity to see the show and let your hair down. I can guarantee you won’t be sitting down for long.

Trevor Davies

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