A word from UK Cabaret

A word from UK Cabaret managing editor Mark Ritchie

Many of our readers and sponsors seem delighted to see us back in print and online too of course, signalling a return to show business as we knew it, pre-pandemic. As a publication we hope to recover ground, attract new advertising and fill our depleted subscribers list up again. As yet this is not gathering pace, but we have high hopes and will of course persevere.

The main problem impeding our progress is that, as existing subscriptions end, we are experiencing a slow take-up on new subscriptions, with some past supporters either failing to renew or worse still not even replying to our messages.

If you work in any form of light entertainment surely you want our part of the entertainment industry to have a voice?

This month’s issue is packed with interest, as we make further strides towards normality.

When your current subscription ends you will be given the choice again to back us or sack us.!

The new flipbook download version with remain at the old price of £32 per year. Those who wish to continue receiving a printed magazine through the post every month can still do this, at the revised annual price of £39 per year.

We thank you for your continued interest in what we are trying to provide as we carry on our quest to provide both a platform and a voice for light entertainment.

We remain available to contact via our Facebook site, by phone on 01924 890800 between 10.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday, and by e mail at

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