A word from the Editor’s desk

A word from the Editor’s desk.It is almost the end of our first full year and at the very beginning we took baby steps, but it is now time to become bolder and more incisive. This December issue is the first of our thicker magazines, with the pagination being increased from 20 to 24 pages.

As our subscribers list continues to grow and our advertising base gathers pace, it would be easy to start the gloating and the: ‘I told you so comments’. Instead we will say to those who told me UK Cabaret would never work, we hope we are starting to win you over to something new in show business publishing.

The truth is that, at the beginning, I wasn’t sure whether a national light entertainment publication such as this one would work either. Sometimes you just have to gamble, hope it all pays off and then hope your friends at least get behind you. In our case, this has definitely happened. Starting a new business on a shoestring budget meant that I certainly found who my true friends were.

On my travels I often display our UK Cabaret roller banners and just wait for people to enquire about us. There is no point and for that matter no necessity in any kind of hard-sell of what we offer at UK Cabaret. Our subscriber numbers grow month on month. I must admit I do get slightly irritated when people approach me pledging to subscribe and then we don’t hear from them. Months later, as is the transient nature of our business, I bump into some prospective subscribers who express forgetfulness and re-affirm their pledge to take out a subscription ‘soon’. People who want to be part of UK Cabaret shouldn’t need cajoling and if people don’t want to subscribe, it really is no problem. They can still read a lot of our content online if they are interested. However, online readers cannot appear within our listings, receive free online advertisements or receive a monthly magazine, as fully paid up subscribers do.

If you would like to see your event appeared here in review form, we would like to hear from you. However, we only cover events organised by UK Cabaret subscribers. We have to make a living too.

In review form, we are committed to covering seaside variety shows, Clubland shows, Holiday centre entertainment, cruise cabaret, hotel and corporate entertainment, burlesque, circus, gay cabaret, band entertainment, comedy club entertainment and in fact anything that performers get paid for, outside the field of drama and acting.

Christmas is a busy time for many entertainers and I would like to close with a great big thank you to all our growing band of subscribers. I would like to wish everyone involved in the field of live entertainment a happy Christmas and all the best for 2016.




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