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A word from the Editor

All our usual features are in our next edition, except UK Panto which will return in May, as we plan to look at the UK Pantomime Awards. We try to include a fair quotient from all areas of light entertainment, but we are always open to suggestions from readers on what we could or should cover here. We would love to hear from you.
We continue to look for articles for inclusion in all our published output. If you have ideas or a showbusiness story, please get in touch. Due to its live and fast developing nature, we do not cover news. We have been made aware of a major error in last month’s magazine, which we apologise for and hope not to repeat.
We have also been made aware of a single solitary complaint regarding a recent review we published. While this is disappointing, we do have to consider who is making the complaints and the possible motives which surround the negative response. With so many acts and entertainers quite rightly and properly featuring our reviews in their own publicity, we really cannot sacrifice editorial integrity for advertorial satisfaction. This is not what we do and who we are as a publication. The fact is there are factions within the industry and one small faction does not wish us well, never has and I suspect never will. I have long since resolved to continue what we do and not respond to bullying and posturing, which is what I perceive is going on here.
The publishing sector is in a very challenging phase, with so many people labouring under the misapprehension that social media hits the right targets. Research shows that niche advertising such as we offer at UK Cabaret/UK-Live is the right way forward for so many businesses.
Regrettably our subscriber numbers have still not quite reached pre-pandemic levels, but happily our digital flipbook subscription numbers continue to rise, now outstripping subscriptions from readers who have the magazine delivered in hard-copy form. As ever we thank everyone who supports us in any way, as we continue to support light entertainment in all its forms.
Mark Ritchie: managing editor

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