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This month we tell the story of The Secret Agents and reveal that both members of this guitar and vocal duo have led colourful Clubland based lives. Mark Ritchie reveals all about The Secret Agents.

It is not a secret as such, but Ashley Wheelhouse and Harry Turnstyle just love to pick up their guitars and get out there on mainly northern Clubland stages. Most usually accompanied by a larger- than life comedy character called ‘The Big G’, Ashley and Harry are club stars by night and busy entertainment agents during the daytime.

A group of agencies now operate together under the banner Ricky Graham Leisure, but Ricky has returned to the stage himself, as well as pursuing other business interests, leaving Ashley and Harry very much in charge in their office near Leeds Yorkshire.

What can an audience expect from a night with The Secret Agents? The simply answer is years of experience and musical talent, along with a fair bit of laughter.

Knowing the boys as I do, I suspect their playing as less about making lots of money and more about scratching a musical itch. 

Ashley has been a member of bands, a solo singer and guitarist and a member of a duo alongside his Mrs Wheelhouse AKA Nikki. He has also manufactured backing tracks, produced large scale shows and pretty much seen it, done it and wore the proverbial t-shirt.

As for Harry, he was a member of the great cabaret show-groups of yesteryear Turnstyle, from which his stage-name is derived. Harry has found past successes as a Compere and solo singer, but his mind is most usually absorbed in looking after the duel needs of the acts he represents and the clubs and pubs which he supplies entertainment to.

Perhaps their new collective stage name was dreamed up due to the fact that fellow agents are booking them into their own venues and the lads don’t want to muddy the waters by letting Mr& Mrs Clubland know that they operate off-stage as well as on it.

I haven’t asked either of the Secret Agents about any of this information. Why? Because until this piece is published, all this remains a secret!

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